Fentex BFK3 Body Fluid Spill Kit with Disinfectant Powder in Box

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Body Fluid Spill Kit contains BFP/240 Body Fluid Powder to absorb unpleasant or hazardous body fluids and kill harmful organisms, eliminating the risk of cross infection easing disposal.

For all body fluids- blood, vomit, urine, diarrhoea etc.

Effective against bacteria and viruses including h.i.v and hepatitis ‘b’.

Contents of kit:

1 x BFP/240 Body Fluid Powder Shaker

1 Pair x disposable protective gloves

1 x Dustpan and brush

1 x Protective Apron

1 x Disposal bag & tie

1 x Instruction Sheet


Fentex Part Number: BFK3

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